About Our Centers

At Beginnings and Beyond, we strive to create a warm, friendly, and family-like environment. We work to ensure that all children and families feel welcomed and know that they are part of something wonderful. Families are always invited to visit our centers at any time of day to visit with us or their children.

We understand that a child’s development is unique to them. Children grow at different rates and learn in different ways. Our philosophy encourages our staff to be flexible with meeting the individual needs of each child as well as respecting the wishes of the family. We understand that each child’s journey will be as unique as they are. We are committed to being a loving guide for each child, working to meet them where they are and helping to grow in all developmental areas.

We understand that communication is key when it comes to our families. Our center works diligently to maintain open communication with all of our families. Whether it’s notifying families of changes within the center, or reminders about upcoming events, we attempt to go above and beyond to keep our families not only up to date but also engaged in our center. We incorporate many family-friendly events throughout the year. These events allow for our families to not only spend time with their children but also allows both our families and our staff the opportunity to get to know each other on a more personal level.

Our center utilizes Brightwheel to provide our families with additional peace of mind. Families can use Brightwheel to see how their child is doing throughout the day using their child’s individual daily feed. Families are able to see check in and check out times, meals and/or bottle feedings, nap times, bathroom times for potty-training children, diaper changes for children in diapers, activities the children are doing throughout the day, photos of their children, and much more! Brightwheel also allows parents to send and receive messages directly from their child’s teacher. Parents are also able to pay their weekly tuition directly through the app!

At Beginnings and Beyond, we recognize the significant part that families play in our ability to provide the best environment possible. We provide many opportunities throughout the year for families to provide feedback. We use this feedback to aid us in making positive changes throughout our center as well as when giving our teachers their evaluations.

We know the importance of creating an environment where both the children and families feel secure. Part of our mission is to create a “home-away-from-home” for the children, and we understand that healthy bodies promote healthy minds. We serve breakfast, lunch, and snack daily and ensure that the foods we purchase are made of only healthy ingredients. This means that our foods are free of MSG, high fructose corn syrup, unnecessary sugars, by-products, or fillers.

We take the safety of the children, families and our staff very seriously. Closed circuit cameras are installed throughout our classrooms allowing for families to review their children’s day should they feel the need to. Our facilities operate using a key fob system that allows us to monitor access to our facility. Only authorized pick-ups are allowed to pick up children at the center and all individuals are required to show photo ID if they are picking up a child and are not recognized as an authorized pick up.

Delaware Stars for Early Success Program

We are very proud to say that our center is an active participant in the Delaware Stars for Early Success Program! Delaware Stars is a quality rating and improvement system that is administered through the Delaware Department of Education. This system assesses and works to improve the level of quality in early care and education. Delaware Stars main goal is to increase the access to high-quality care for all Delaware children.

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