Beginnings and Beyond utilizes Experience Curriculum as a framework for planning and implementing lesson plans for each age group. The Experience Curriculum focuses on all domains of learning for infants through pre-k, with many hands on learning experiences.  The lesson plans are available for all families to view through Brightwheel this way they can always see what their children are learning day to day.

We also utilize the Experience Curriculum assessment system as a means of assessing and tracking each child’s developmental growth. This does not check for indications of developmental issues but is intended to show how each child is developing in each developmental area. 

Experience Curriculum assessments are made available to families 3 times a year. Each child’s assessment indicates how they are growing in the various areas of development and indicates their strengths and areas that are being worked on. We offer parent-teacher conferences twice a year. However, the center is always willing to arrange additional conferences as requested or needed.

We also send out Ages and Stages questionnaires annually that are filled out by the child’s parents and are then in turn are reviewed. The Ages and Stages Questionnaires look for indications of possible developmental concerns and allows us to help parents seek out the appropriate resources if needed.

Curriculum Vision Statement

At Beginnings and Beyond, we believe that children learn best through hands-on, interactive and play-based experiences. Our center believes that the key to success is to allow for a curriculum which promotes all domains of learning, which includes social, emotional, language, cognitive, and physical development.

Our learning environment is one that creates a balance between structured learning activities and free choice learning center play, which allows the children to grow and succeed in all learning domains, so they can be successful socially and emotionally as well as academically. We focus not only on knowledge and experiences which appropriately challenge children but on family involvement as well.

Our goal is for children to have the confidence to know that they can accomplish anything they put their minds to. In order to reach this goal, we encourage family involvement that promotes the extension of the learning environment at home. Additionally, we ensure that our staff is not only loving and compassionate in order to support the learning process, but that they also adapt to the individual needs of the children across all areas of learning.

Our Teachers work together with families to ensure that they and their children feel as though they are part of a home away from home and belong to something wonderful. We do all that we can to ensure that when the children move on from our center, they will be successful in their future, wherever it may take them.

Lesson Plans

The main learning objectives for each age group are listed below.  Each objective is incorporated into each age group’s lesson plans in ways that are developmentally appropriate for each specific group.  Lesson plans are created for all classrooms, infant through school age and are available for families to view through Brightwheel at any time.

Download classroom learning objectives by age.

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