Our History

The Owner and Administrator of Beginnings and Beyond, Miss Danielle, has a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a Double Major in Psychology and Sociology, focusing on Child Psychology and a Master of Arts Degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. She also has 18 additional early childhood college credits aimed at specific areas she felt would be beneficial in the early childhood field. She is CPR and First Aid Certified and holds a Director Credential, as well as an Early Childhood Lead Teacher, Early Childhood Curriculum Coordinator, and Early Childhood Administrator Certificate through the State of Delaware.

Miss Danielle dreamed of having her own child care center from the time she was 17 years old. The dream came from a strong love of children, even from when she was very young. Through her years, the dream of owning her own child care center was always there. During the time that she was dating her future husband, he had made her a binder for her to gather information in order for her to plan and open a child care center. On the cover of the binder was a drawing he made of a children’s playground. This drawing still hangs on her office wall in one of her child care centers today.

In 2010, when Miss Danielle was 33 years old, her dream became a reality. She had scheduled an informational training with the State of Delaware Office of Child Care Licensing months prior to her being laid off from a position in the field of Human Resources. It turned out that the informational training just so happened to be on the same week that she was laid off from her position in HR. After attending the training, Miss Danielle was browsing through the newspaper looking for another position when she came across an advertisement for a child care center up for lease or purchase. This, to Miss Danielle, was a very clear sign that this was the time to make her dream come true. Everyone in her family was so very supportive of her dream that they all contributed to helping it become a reality.

Eight months later, Beginnings and Beyond was opened in September 2010. The focus of Beginnings and Beyond was on how the needs of the children and the families should be met. It was about showing children the love that they all need and deserve and forming bonds with the families as well. Miss Danielle, being a parent of one 17-month-old boy at the time, understood well what she wanted in a child care center. Open communication with families, flexibility to meet family needs, and love and understanding of the children were of the utmost importance to her. Miss Danielle always viewed every situation that occurred in the childcare setting as a parent, envisioning how she would feel in each situation if it involved her own child.

One year after opening her center, her second son was born in 2011, and then in 2013, her third son was born. All of her children attended her child care center, and together with her teaching staff, they grew and created a wonderful home away from home environment. In 2015, Miss Danielle opened her second location and her third location in 2022. Children always have been, and always will be, her passion in life. In Miss Danielle’s eyes, all children should be given the chance to be the best they can be. With love, attention, and positive guidance, her and her teaching staff have helped many children along their path to begin a successful elementary school start. Miss Danielle is a firm believer in doing all that they can do to get all children to where they need to be in order to have a successful school start, both academically and socially-emotionally. The wholehearted commitment of her and her staff is what makes Beginnings and Beyond great. Her passion shines through in the teachers she hires and shows as proof in the children they graduate from their centers.

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