Below are our Rates, Fees, Perks & Discounts.

*** Breakfast, lunch, and snack are included in the weekly tuition rates ***

Regular Child Care:

Infants Ones, Twos, & Threes Pre-K
5 Days $ 190 weekly $ 180 weekly $ 170 weekly
4 Days $ 180 weekly $ 170 weekly $ 160 weekly
3 Days $ 170 weekly $ 160 weekly $ 150 weekly
2 Days $ 160 weekly $ 150 weekly $ 140 weekly

Before and After School Care Program:

For school-age children up to age 12. Full day program is for school breaks and summer. 

Before After Both Full Week
$ 55 weekly $ 55 weekly $ 95 weekly $ 170 weekly

Drop-In Care:

$ 10 per hour
Available for children not enrolled at the center, assuming the center has availability during the time that drop-in care is needed. If your children are at the center for drop-in care during our normal breakfast, lunch or snack times, they will be served what is on the menu, without additional cost.



Equal to one week’s tuition payment and applied to child’s first week of enrollment

Late payment fee:

$10 if payment is not received by Monday, and $5 each additional day that payment is not made. If payments not received by Wednesday of the following week, your child will not be able to return until payment is received in full.

Return check fee:

$35 non-refundable

Late pick up fee:

$10 for the first ten minutes past 6:00 PM and $5 each additional five minutes late past 6:10 pm.

Annual Replenishment Fee:

$35 once a year due the first week in April for preschool age and under. $15 once a year due the first week in April for school-age children.

Perks & Discounts

Multiple Child Discount:

At Beginnings and Beyond we offer a discount if parents/guardians enroll more than one child into the center. We understand the burden of having to make payments for more than one child and hope to alleviate some of this burden by offering a multiple child discount. Parents/Guardians must pay the highest tuition rate for one child, and each additional child’s tuition will be discounted 10% per child.

Military Discount:

At Beginnings and Beyond we offer a 10% discount per child enrolled for our military families and military veterans.

Vacation Credit:

After one year of enrollment, each family is offered one week per year of free tuition for each child enrolled at the center. This can be utilized during a week when your child is not at the center.

Referal Credit:

If you refer Beginnings and Beyond to a friend have them mention you as a referral and we will credit you $50 to your account if the child enrolls. This credit is per child referred and enrolled.

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